Trusted Cybersecurity Advisors

Cybersecurity is at a breaking point.

3,000,000 Unfilled Cybersecurity Jobs

Rapid Growth of Data and Devices

Constantly Evolving Threats and Vulnerabilities

Organizations Are Struggling to Keep Pace

Reported Data Breaches Since 2015

Chart showing increase in reported data breaches since 2015

Source: Identity Theft Resource Center

Challenging times demand an innovative approach.

Trusted Cybersecurity Advisors

  • Quickly Achieve Your Cybersecurity Goals

    We study cybersecurity data breaches to understand how companies like yours are getting hacked. We help you identify your most likely data breach vectors and collaboratively build a plan that is right sized for your business. Take years off your cybersecurity journey when you work with Go Security Pro. Avoid the pitfalls of trying to DIY what we've already perfected.

  • Grow Your Team's Expertise

    We are teachers and infuse training into every consulting engagement. We encourage shadowing and take the extra time to ensure your team fully understands how to improve its cybersecurity posture.

  • Learn from the Best

    Led by a Carnegie Mellon University and NSA-grade cybersecurity expert, Go Security Pro brings the highest quality cybersecurity leadership and talent to your team. No need to look around for the best consultants. You've found us.

  • Gain Access to Incredible Resources

    When you work with Go Security Pro you gain access to incredible resources from whitepapers to security program templates to video training and our innovative cybersecurity gamification concepts.

  • Become Cybersecurity Self-Sufficient

    Gain systems and knowledge that will make you more independent and less reliant on consultants. Say goodbye to vendor lock-in and lost momentum once the consultant leaves.

Industry-Leading Cybersecurity Services

Penetration Testing

Identify your exploitable weaknesses before adversary finds them with our thorough Audit-Ready penetration tests. Our highly skilled red team finds vulnerabilities that other penetration test companies miss.

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Vulnerability Management

Keep hackers out of your network with our Vulnerability Management services. Receive focused monthly Top 5 reports curated by our team of highly skilled ethical hackers.

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Risk Assessments

Identify your biggest risks and demonstrate due diligence with our audit-ready risk assessments. Gain a cybersecurity benchmark against which to measure your progress.

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Policy Development

Gain a full set of policies that will align with your business goals and keep you compliant. Periodic reviews ensure your policies reflect reality and are easily understood by the intended audience.

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Virtual Information Security Officer

Achieve your cybersecurity goals in less time. Gain a cybersecurity leader as an extension of your team. Mesh compliance requirements, best practices, and business needs.

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Compliance Readiness

Identify your compliance gaps, minimize your compliance burden, and gain a prioritized plan to become compliant ASAP. Specializing in NIST, HIPAA, PCI, and SOC 2. Learn about our different approach.

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"I'd place my trust in Go Security Pro with Geoff Wilson at the helm. He is an expert on all aspects of cybersecurity backed by both his excellent academic credentials and many of years in the field."

Dr. Sridhar Radhakrishnan
Professor and Director
School of Computer Science
University of Oklahoma


"Stepping into a new role as the VP for IT at Oklahoma Electric Cooperative, one of the first people that I thought of and reached out to was Geoff Wilson at Go Security Pro to give me an in depth look into any vulnerabilities that needed to be addressed while at the same time help guide my team to a robust security environment."

David Goodspeed
VP, IT Services @ Oklahoma Electric Cooperative & President of OEC Fiber


"Geoff possesses strong integrity and is someone who truly cares about the evolution of the security industry. Any time I’m faced with a security related obstacle, he and the Go Security Pro team are first I turn to for advice."

Cody Eidson
Security Pro
Diamondback Energy, Inc.


"Geoff has always had a talent for taking in a huge amount of complex data, quickly discerning the most important elements, and conveying information in an easy to understand way to his clients and colleagues. That has been what has made him such a great consultant and highly valued trusted advisor. "

Dr. Michael Haney
Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
University of Idaho


"I long struggled to discover a career that I enjoyed. After I worked with Geoff at Go Security Pro, I knew I wanted to be a security pro, and his training helped me become one. Highly recommended!"

Brian Ledbetter
Security Pro
Oklahoma City, OK

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