Vulnerability Management

Keep Hackers Out of Your Network

Challenges We Address

  • Overwhelmed by Too Many Vulnerabilities

    Organizations easily get overwhelmed by the sheer number of vulnerabilities that are identified. A typical scan can produce thousands of vulnerabilities. Overwhelm keeps organizations from making progress. We solve this challenge by distilling your vulnerabilities into a Top 5 list each month.

  • Not Gaining Traction on Remediation

    Organizations often struggle to remain focused on improving their vulnerability posture and instead stall out with the vulnerability scan data sitting on the shelf and gathering dust. Our team provides achievable incremental milestones each month and accountability sessions to address any roadblocks.

  • Not Enough Time to Manage the Vulnerability Scanning Tool

    IT personnel wear many hats and are often overtasked to begin with. Pile on top of that the responsibility to maintain a vulnerability management solution, schedule scans, coordinate with business units, and ensure scans are configured properly and run as expected. Vulnerability management is often one of the first things to be abandoned as the pressing IT needs of the day take priority.

  • Not Sure You are Focused on the Right Priorities

    We often see organizations prioritizing simply by CVSS score or by the scan vendor's criticality. Neither of these prioritization strategies takes into account exploitability trends. Both approaches are not ideal as both CVSS and vendor criticality are static ratings that don’t factor in exploitation trends. Vendor criticality ratings can be off base as signature authors often determine their own severity levels. You want to fix what's most likely to be exploited, right? Have our Red Team of highly skilled ethical hackers review your vulnerabilities and give you a focused list of 5 items to tackle at any given time.

Our Solution

  • White Glove External and Internal Vulnerability Management

    You no longer need to maintain an expensive and cumbersome vulnerability management solution. Organizations save licensing costs and loads of time by utilizing our white glove Vulnerability Management service. We perform both external and internal network vulnerability scanning with a leading vulnerability management solution. Combining the external and internal perspectives provides a holistic view of your vulnerabilities. External network scanning is used to monitor for newly exposed services and to identify remotely exploitable weaknesses. Internal network scanning is used to identify vulnerabilities that can be exploited within your network via phishing, rogue devices, compromised devices, and compromised remote access credentials.

  • Monthly Top 5 Reports

    We deliver to you a Top 5 report each scan cycle. The report will include clear remediation instructions for the IT team to follow. The Top 5 report allows you to remain focused on the remediation actions that will have the biggest impact for reducing your exploitability. We also pair with that a Next 5 list in the event you are able to tackle the Top 5. Staying focused on a smaller set of incremental improvements makes vulnerability management more manageable and prevents overwhelm for the IT team.

  • Curated By Highly Skilled Ethical Hackers

    Our team of highly skilled ethical hackers reviews your vulnerabilities each cycle to identify the most exploitable weaknesses. Other providers focus on CVSS 10.0 items or what the vulnerability management tool claims as most critical. Both approaches are inadequate as both CVSS and vendor criticality are static ratings that don’t factor in exploitation trends. Vendor criticality ratings can be off base as signature authors often determine their own severity levels. Our analysis ensures you are focused on the exploits that are most likely to be targeted.

  • Baked-In Accountability

    We hold monthly Top 5 report review sessions to measure progress and ensure roadblocks are identified and addressed. We keep your IT team focused on making the incremental security improvements needed. If you really want to get into shape, you will hire a personal trainer, right? That level of accountability to a coach can be key to success. You can think of us as your personal trainer for keeping hackers out of your business.

  • Make Incremental Improvements Over Time

    Many organizations become stuck with vulnerability management and stall out. Our approach is to keep you focused on a small set of cybersecurity incremental improvements that over time will provide the best path for addressing your most exploitable weaknesses. We have seen the pitfalls that organizations make and have a white glove solution that addresses the challenges of vulnerability management.

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