My Favorite IoT Hacks – Webinar

“My Favorite IoT Hacks” is now available on webinar replay.

IoT will soon outpace non-IoT devices. Your cybersecurity program needs to account for widespread, insecure, and sometimes unexpected IoT devices. In this talk, Geoff Wilson, CEO of Go Security Pro, will detail IoT hacks and why these devices are such attractive targets. Geoff will also introduce practical strategies for protecting your critical assets while accommodating IoT in your environment.

By registering for the webinar replay, you will also get a copy of our IoT Survival Guide, which includes a defensive checklist for you to assess your own IoT posture. Check out these value-packed resources!

  • Learn about the big cybersecurity challenges with IoT
  • Secure IoT
  • Defend your network from vulnerable IoT
  • Map IoT controls to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework
  • Understand how hackers leverage IoT weaknesses to further their goals.

Watch the webinar replay here!