Introducing Susan Wilson, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Hi, my name is Susan Wilson.

I have been on the periphery of cybersecurity for about 20 years now.  And by that I mean, I supported Geoff Wilson, my spouse, during his graduate school education in 2003-2005 at Carnegie Mellon University (back when Operating Systems was a required course!) during his Masters of Information Security Technology and Management. Most in his cohort were taking a slight risk going into such a challenging masters program but they were being funded by the National Science Foundation grant as described here.

Overall, the people Geoff graduated with seemed happy to be launching their careers. I headed into graduate school myself, pouring everything I had into the most intense 3 years of my life at The George Washington University School of Law.  I wasn’t quite on the periphery of cybersecurity during this time because my program was incredibly intense and my spouse had a top secret job we never discussed.  Still, I hung out with his work friends on occasion and asked about their interesting careers.

Geoff and I moved back “home” after our time in DC and both worked at the University of Oklahoma – him in IT Security and me in Law School admissions.  I was more in IT security than ever, and was the first to propose in my college that we stop using Social Security numbers to track applicant data.  I even had to get the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) to use a special code on our reports to eliminate the transfer of those numbers into our data sets.

Geoff also worked from home for about 6 years as a remote employee of a consulting (and later IT Services Firm) out of Tulsa while I raised our children (and of course had consulting side gigs a plenty)—which meant I had lots of advice to offer him in consulting and sales since I got to actually use my skill set with an adult instead of wrangling toddlers. We had incredible lunches where we strategized for clients and plotted out many of his biggest deals.  Again, I was in the space, but really on the periphery.

Then, in February of 2019, I said that I was prepared to be fully invested in cybersecurity with my spouse as the Co-Founder of Go Security Pro. I was finally NOT on the periphery but a full contributor.

So here I am.  My official debut!  I’ll have a series of blog articles about the state of cybersecurity from a once outsider looking in to now being a fully deputized, on the payroll, thought leader, and Chief Operating Officer at Go Security Pro.

Susan Wilson