Compliance Readiness

Minimize Your Burden and Become Compliant ASAP

We become an extension of your team to help you interpret vague compliance requirements, close compliance gaps, prioritize your efforts, and document evidence. We know what the auditor will expect because we have been auditors and have consulted for auditors.


Our focus areas include the NIST 800 series (e.g. DFARS, 800-53), HIPAA/HITECH, the PCI DSS, and SOC 2. We can handle other compliance requirements such as FFIEC and NERC CIP, but these four areas are our bread and butter.

What Makes Us Different?

  • We Are Compliance Experts

    We are experts at compliance and know what the auditors expect because we have been auditors and we have consulted on behalf of auditors. We have helped companies deal with breaches, have seen the consequences of inadequate compliance practices and are ready to help you get the right solution in place for your business. Our team is highly skilled, and you will be working with a highly skilled consultant on your compliance project.

  • Avoid Duplication of Effort

    Where possible we design a single control to address compliance requirements from various sources (e.g. HIPAA, PCI, business partner requirements). When you validate that you are compliant with that single control, you in turn validate compliance with several mapped compliance requirements. No longer are we building siloed compliance programs but are merging several compliance programs into a single security program.

  • Flexible for Your Business

    Many consulting companies will take a checklist approach to compliance with rigid interpretations that paint a black and white representation of your compliance status. We take your business' best interest to heart and flex the requirement to your specific needs where possible. This requires more ingenuity and understanding of what the auditor will and will not accept, which turns out is our zone of genius.

  • Avoid Wasted Time on Non-Applicable Requirements

    The first step in our methodology is to identify the scope of compliance. Does it apply to the entire business? one department? one team? Then we determine which compliance requirements we can make non-applicable through a variety of techniques. By limiting the scope up-front we avoid wasted time of designing, documenting, and testing controls that ultimately don't need to be in place. We can avoid unnecessary technology purchases and undue burden on the business.

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Talk to a Cybersecurity Expert About
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