About Geoff


Hi, I'm Geoff Wilson, Founder and Security Pro Coach with Go Security Pro. I help companies with complex cybersecurity obligations create momentum around a simple, prioritized plan that supports the business goals.

I take complex information security challenges and boil them down into simple step-by-step plans that Security Pros at any level can follow.

I have a Master of Information Security from Carnegie Mellon University and a Computer Science degree from the University of Oklahoma. I taught a graduate-level Information Security course at the University of Oklahoma for four years. I am a published author, speak at many conferences, have worked with the National Security Agency, have consulted with the Executive Office of the President, and have been in information security for 17 years. I hold a CISSP certification and have been a PCI Qualified Security Assessor.

I have a passion for building information security programs that work for the business, that are highly effective, and that are driven by a simple, prioritized plan.

Big Challenges I Solve Include:

1. How do I stay out of the headlines and avoid being the next breach?

2. How can I quickly become compliant?

3. How do I figure out what I don’t know (i.e. my security blind spots)?

4. What should my next priority be in addressing information security?

5. How do I change our company’s perspective that security is just an IT problem?

6. Our leadership just doesn’t get security and why we need to invest in people and projects. How can I get them to listen?

If any of these challenges resonate with you, I would like to walk you through how I have solved these challenges across industries and with companies of all sizes. Contact Geoff today.

About Susan


Hi, I'm Susan Wilson, Founder and Chief Operating Officer with Go Security Pro. I specialize in career development and helping you build a mindset that will serve your career goals.

I have a Juris Doctor from the George Washington University College of Law and am licensed to practice law in Oklahoma and Maryland. However, I have always preferred helping people plan out their futures in a career or academic setting over being a practicing lawyer.

I made the move to graduate admissions as the Director of Admissions for the University of Oklahoma College of Law. After leaving the university, I have been running a career coaching and college admissions business for the six years prior to launching Go Security Pro. My clients have included attorneys, future physicians (med school takes a while!), dentists, IT and IT Security Professions, among others.

Geoff and I have two wonderful children, and we enjoy spending time with the kids.

While Geoff was in graduate school at Carnegie Mellon University, I worked in graduate admissions for the Music Department at the University of Pittsburgh and loved my students fiercely. I graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2003 with a Bachelor’s in Geography. If we ever talk on the phone I will want to know where you are calling from – be prepared!

Want to talk to Susan about your career goals? Contact Susan today.