2020 Healthcare Data Breach Intelligence Report

Learn the top healthcare threats, most critical controls, and lessons learned from the latest HHS OCR reported data breaches.

  • Largest healthcare breaches of 2019

    We detail the three largest healthcare breaches of 2019. The breach of one business associate led to 23 covered entities reporting breaches and 26 million individuals impacted.

  • Top healthcare breach threats

    Learn the most prevalent healthcare threats. We hear a lot about ransomware, phishing, and loss/theft events, but how do these threats stack up? We were surprised by the #2 top healthcare threat.

  • Most critical healthcare security controls

    We detail the security controls most cited by OCR. We know security awareness and policies are important, but what about technical controls? 2 of the top 4 most critical technical controls relate to securing your email accounts.

  • State-by-state comparison of breaches reported

    The state with the most number of reported data breaches had 53 in 2019 while on average each state reported 10 breaches. Only one state had zero breaches reported.

  • Data breach prevention blueprint

    We present an example 12-month data breach prevention blueprint for addressing many of the threats and controls identified in this report. Become Incident-Ready, then Hacker-Ready, then Audit-Ready.

In 2019 there was a 33% increase in the number of data breaches reported to HHS OCR.


More than one out of every four breaches were caused by a Business Associate.


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